Хамгийн өвөрмөц цуглуулгатай Америк эрийн цуглуулгаас [30 фото]


Хамгийн өвөрмөц цуглуулгатай Америк эрийн цуглуулгаас [30 фото]

Terry Prouty гэгч энэ эр бол Louisiana-д өсвөр насаа өнгөрүүлсэн жаахан хүү байхаасаа л шар зөгийг маш ихээр сонирхдог байсан гэнэ. Одоо нас биенд хүрсэн тэрбээр магадгүй дэлхий дээрх хамгийн олон, хамгийн ер бусын шар зөгийний үүрнүүдийн эзэн, цуглуулагч байх. Одоо Oklahoma-д амьдарч байгаа энэ эрхэм өөрийгөө “Hornetboy” буюу шар зөгийний бүлгийн хатгадаг шавьжийн нэрээр нэрлэж, хүмүүс шар зөгийг кинон дээрээс аймшигт амьтан мэтээр л харж, тэднээс айдаг, гэвч үнэн хэрэгтээ эдгээр бяцхан шавьжнуудаас сурах юм маш их байдаг тухай өгүүлдэг байна. Түүний амьдралынхаа сүүлийн 25 жилд цуглуулсан шар зөгийтэй холбогдолтой зүйл бол дэлхийн янз бүрийн улс орон, газар нутгаас цуглуулсан шар зөгийний үүрнүүд бөгөөд тэднийхээ дийлэнхийг 10-аас 200 долларын үнээр онлайнаар худалдан авсан юм байна. Ингээд энэхүү өвөрмөц цуглуулгатай эрийн “үнэт хөрөнгө”-ний фото зургуудыг сонирхоцгооё.

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  1. moochii

    2010/07/01 at 21:06

    eostoi sonin hobbi-toi nohor bna da

  2. Zadgai_Tsagaan

    2010/07/01 at 22:06


  3. CaSuNo

    2010/07/01 at 23:17

    yaaj ooroo hatguulchdaggun

  4. doogii0118

    2010/07/02 at 06:09

    hun er n yamar neg hobbytoi bna gedeg sn zuil shu

  5. Gunit1

    2010/07/02 at 10:05

    uur site deer bna lee shd. eh surwalj ni ali ni ym boloo?

  6. spector

    2010/07/02 at 10:50

    goy ym bna oo tnx :-x

  7. LillLove

    2010/07/02 at 16:11


  8. sirusIP

    2010/07/03 at 01:51

    He He :-?

  9. Black_Hawk

    2010/07/03 at 16:30


  10. jerry-man

    2010/07/06 at 16:35


  11. Зочин

    2010/07/06 at 21:49


    I am absolutely thrilled to have my wasp nest collection featured here! This would be the perfect opportunity to educate people on the beneficial aspects of wasps and help the bad reputation of these often misunderstood creatures. Wasps desperately need a better public relations image. Education is the key to a better understanding.

    I am an expert on social wasps (as a hobby). I first became interested in these flying insects and their nests as a child in Louisiana when I saw a collection of empty bald-faced hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) nests at a neighbor's home. In my humble opinion, wasp nests are masterpieces of nature. I love collecting abandoned GIANT nests for my collection (The bigger the better!). So for the past 25 years, I have joined in the little-known hobby of wasp nest collecting. I've had numerous wasp nest collections over the years. However, I started my current collection back in the year 2000. I currently have over one hundred nests. There are nests of many different species which are in my collection… including an unusual one from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. I obtain most of my nests on the Internet. People send them to me. My largest addition is an overwintered southern yellowjacket (Vespula squamosa) nest which was discovered in an atypical aerial situation attached to a two-story home. I also have a huge bald-faced hornet nest which measures a whopping 40 inches (nearly 3 1/2 feet) tall! Of course, I have many other exceptional nests. What sets my collection apart from other private nest collections is that most of my nests are absolutely enormous and they are also museum quality.

    Here is a video (with commentary) which shows most of my collection:

    Here are over 100 photos which show most of my collection:

    Here is my website:

    Although most people think of wasps as pests, they benefit us and the environment in many ways. They help control arthropod pests (flies, caterpillars, bugs, spiders, etc…) by preying on large numbers of them. This really does help to cut down on the use of harmful pesticides. This is healthier for our environment in the long run. Wasps are also used in research and experiments. In some places in the world, people use the immature stages (larvae and pupae) of wasps as food for a good source of protein. Therefore, the benefits to humans far outweigh the harm which they do. Hornets, yellowjackets and paper wasps should not be needlessly killed unless the nests are located in high-risk areas.

    I am always looking for more impressive nests to add to my collection. Here is my email address so people can contact me: hornetboy1970@yahoo.com

    Please feel free to ask me anything at all if you want to know more about my collection and I. Thanks.


    Terry Prouty

    P.S. Here are two interesting facts for you: 1. The largest hornet in the world is the Japanese Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia). It is the size of a man's thumb with a three inch wingspan! 2. The largest wasp nest on record measured twelve feet long with a diameter of five feet nine inches! It was discovered on a farm at New Zealand in 1963.

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