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28 Сэтгэгдэл

  1. LeCooL

    2008/01/10 at 16:12

    huurhun yum oo

  2. LeCooL

    2008/01/10 at 16:12


  3. neo_94

    2008/01/10 at 16:34

    zugeer l yum

  4. bebnos

    2008/01/10 at 17:56

    dajgui zuragnuud bga bizd

  5. ksander

    2008/01/10 at 18:07

    WOW yamar huurhun zyragnyyd ve?

  6. zoloo_devil

    2008/01/10 at 18:30

    yahaw dajgui l yum bna

  7. Зочин

    2008/01/10 at 21:17

    [color=FF00BF][/color][color=FF00FF][/color][color=BF00FF][/color][color=FF4040][/color][color=FF8000][/color] dajgvi ee goyo yum bnaaaaaaaaaa :-(

  8. nps

    2008/01/13 at 18:08

    like that thx nza

  9. xlg218

    2008/01/19 at 14:35

    uneheer goy bnaa hairaa chamaigaa aimar snanj bn hairt min!!!

    [ Зассан: xlg218 , өдөр 2008/1/19 14:45 ]

  10. bb_bb

    2008/02/15 at 14:55

    gui ee yahav huurhun l yum bna hamgiin goy ni international love l blaa gj hehe

  11. Зочин

    2008/02/21 at 11:09

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  12. Зочин

    2008/03/21 at 00:12

    Zugeel pic bna.

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